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About Us


VIGDirect is the retail wing of VIG Computers Sdn Bhd. We do wholesales and we also have retail. VIGDirect is on Lazada and also on Shopee.

Refurbished hardware
No more cliche ! Price is the key ! No matter you are a student, small business owner or a big cooperate purchaser, you are paying way too much for a brand new computer system with computing power you don't need. How many times you push your system to 100% load and feel helpless with low computing power ? Buying a refurbished system save you a fortune and our refurbished systems are as good as new both functionally and cosmetically. Check out our feedback on leading retail platforms.

Why VIGDirect ?
You need a vendor that understands your needs more than you do ! At VIGDirect we alawys have the right solution for you, the right advice for you and most of all, the most affordable and quality products for you.