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RM349.00 - RM809.00
First Gen i3 HP Compaq 8100 SFF desktop PC
Price RM349.00 - RM809.00
Product SKU VDP-HPCPQ8100SI304250H
Brand HP
Size (L x W x H) 50 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm
Availability In Stock
RAM upgrade
HDD /SSD upgrade
  • Fully refurbished
  • Small Form Factor
  • 90 days warranty

Fully refurbished HP Elite 8100 SFF desktop PC with :

Intel Core i3-530 2.93GHz processor



DVD drive 

Visitour store for optional 1TB HDD or 240GB or 480GB or 1TB SSD. Cheap 19", 22" and 24" monitor sets.

FAQ for this product :


Q. Who is the target buyer for this computer ?

A. Anyone who looks for a budget computing solution : web browsing, paperwork, accounting, data entry....

Q. How many RAM slots in this computer ?

A. Four

Q. How's the cosmetic ?

A. If the system is cosmetically bad, we will work on it.

Q. Does it have HDMI port ?

A. This one has only VGA and Display Port (DP). HDMI port is really rare on business systems.

Q. What about if I still need a HDMI video output ?

A. You need to buy a low profile discrete video card. It is around RM50 for very basic used card to RM2000+ for very high end brand new card. You may also buy a DP to HDMI cable from us if you need HDMI output. 

Q. What to do if I cannot find the desired specification or combination of components ?

A. While we are trying our best to offer you all the choices of components. There are times when we cannot list some combinations buyers are interested because of the system limitation. Please PM us and we will create an unique product link for you. Offering flexibility is our mission, please feel free to PM us.

Q. Can I play games with this PC ?

A . No ! Some light weight 3D games like Dota2 requires a video card as basic as GT730 or R7 240 so you need a low profile video card (GPU). Heavy 3D games like PUBG of course not unless you have a powerful GPU like GTX1060. However there is no enough physical space for full size GPU.

Q. What Operating system this machine has?

A. This machine has Windows 7 COA so we install Windows 7 Pro.

Q. Can I ask for Windows 10 ?

A. No we cannot get you Windows 10 ! However individual user can still upgrade to Windows 10 under certain requirements for free. PM us if you still want to get Windows 10.

Q. Can I ask for Microsoft Office ?

A. No ! We cannot install Microsoft Office. We will install open source free Office Suite upon request and this is legal. Examples are WPS Office or Open Office and they are 99% compatibility to MS Office. PM us if you still want to get Microsoft Office.

Q. Can I also buy a LCD monitor ?

A. Yes, please PM us or visit our Lazada store. 

Q. Can I upgrade to SSD ?

A. Yes, we have 120GB, 240GB and 480GB upgrade options. We use brand new 240GB and 480GB with 3 years warranty. Please refer to the options above.

Q. Can we do COD ?

A. Waze VIGDirect and you may come.

Q. Can I visit your physical office?

A. We do not cater walk in buyers so unless you want to see the actual machine you purchased on our store you may only come. You may cancel the order if you do not like the product. Rest assured we offer 100% buyer satisfaction. Make sure that you made appointment at 03-6730 5358 before coming.

Q. Does this machine has WIFI ?

A. You need either an USB WIFI dongle (RM18) or PCI-E WIFI adapter (we have Dual bands AC card good for gamers.

What's in the box

HP Compaq 8100 SFF desktop PC x 1

Malaysian power cord x 1